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Liliya Saxon Nail Academy – Expert Knowledge that Matters™

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Full Course Curriculum

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Interactive lectures are divided into sections to optimize your learning experience.

The complete course is hosted on Udemy platform, which gives you a lifetime access, on demand lectures, constant course updates, instructor announcements and more!

The course features different difficulty levels, so whether you are a fresh nail tech or a veteran nail technician with decades of experience, there is lots of information that will be extremely valuable for you!

Getting Started
- Introduction
- Course Audience
- What You Will Learn
- How to Succeed in This Course
Fundamentals You Must Know
- Sanitary Conditions
- Workspace and Proper Ventilation
- Ergonomics of Working with Clients
- Science Corner: Disinfection
- Disinfection Demonstration
- Nail Diseases
- Science Corner: How to Choose a Curing Lamp (UV/LED)
Natural Nails and Gel Manicures
- Natural Nail Structure
- Types of Manicures
- Gel Manicure Demonstration
- How to Make Your Manicure Last Weeks
- Why Gel Polish Chips
Design Theory and Advanced Tools
- Color Combination and Theory
- Composition Rules You Must Know
- Brush Overview
- Science Corner: All About E-Files
- Proper E-File Operation
- Overview of E-File Bits
Gel Nail Sculpting
- Sculpted Nail Structure
- How to Extend Properly – Tips vs Forms
- Customizing Nail Forms
- How to Place the Form Properly
- Nail Preparation (Brief Structural Overview)
- General Gel Application Rules
- General Filing Rules
- Brush Angles Explained
- Sculpting Almond Shape
- Sculpting Coffin / Ballerina Shape
- Sculpting Square Shape
- Doing Fills Properly
- Removing Hard Gel Nails
Eliminate Lifted Nails
- Why Gel Nails Lift
- Nail Prep Mistakes
- Choosing Right Builder and Shape
- Sculpting Mistakes
- Proved Methods
Gel Nail Designs
- Welcome to the World of Nail Art
- Creating Textured Elements
- Line Art Sophistication
- Fast Stone Setting
- Easy Glitter Fade
- Colour Mixing
- Ombre and Gradients
- Sunset Shimmer Fade
- Graceful Lace Design
- Creating Textured Elements
- Foiling in Seconds
- Artistic Swirls
- Rose Gold Line Art
Common Mistakes
- Gel Bleeds When Painting
- Flower Painting Mistakes
- Mistakes With Brushes
- Gel Application Mistakes
Fundamental Marketing
- Introduction to Fundamental Marketing
- Simple Branding
- How to Get Clients
- Proper Client Scheduling
- Pricing Advice

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The best professional nail tech, instructor, and mentor is Liliya Saxon. I just did my test and Liliya was the most professional yet lovely instructor I could hope for. She is the best for all nail technician. And an amazing artist. By far.

Shari Cowell

Thank you so Liliya! In just 2 hours at your class I've learned more information than I did in my whole program at the college!


Liliya, you are an amazing instructor, person and artist! I would urge anyone wanting to learn to contact Liliya Saxon and enrol in her classes. If you want to be the best, go to the best!


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